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Cumberland County Bar Association

P.O. Box 2374, Vineland, NJ 08362

Telephone: 856-696-5550
FAX: 856-696-5558

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Officers and Board of Trustees

2023-2024 Officers
  • President – Andre R Araujo, Esquire
  • President Elect – Yolanda Garcia Balicki, Esquire
  • VP of Fundraising – Yolanda Garcia Balicki, Esquire
  • Second Vice President – Kim Barfield, Esquire
  • Treasurer –Ashley Courtney, Esquire
  • Secretary –Teri Giordano, Esquire
Board of Trustees
  • Michael Pirolli, Esquire
  • Charles Girard, Esquire
  • Stephen Parrey, Esquire
  • Bohdan Zachariasevych, Esquire
  • Jo Ellyn Jones, Esquire
  • Thomas M. Thistle, III, Esquire
  • Gabrielle Nonnenberg-Suarez, Esquire – Jr. Trustee
  • Hon. Georgia Curio – Sr. Trustee
  • Justin R. White, Esquire– NJ State Bar Trustee
Immediate Past President
  • Hon. Tariq Chaudhri
Foundation Trustees
  • Isabella A. Garofola, Esquire
  • Ted Ritter, Esquire
  • Beth White, Esquire
Executive Director
  • Carol Walker