Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Effective January 1, 2010, all lawyers holding a license to practice law in the State of New Jersey, whether plenary or limited, are required to participate in the mandatory continuing legal education program.

Members of the bar of the State of New Jersey are required to maintain certain standards of professional competence throughout their careers. The Board on Continuing Legal Education was created and assigned the task of administering the Supreme Court's requirement, imposed pursuant to Rule 1:42 Continuing Legal Education.

The Board's Regulations, implementing the mandatory program, are intended to (a) guide lawyers in respect of their requirement; (b) assure the public that those lawyers licensed to practice law in New Jersey remain current in respect of the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their professional responsibilities and obligations; and (c) improve the standards of the legal profession.


The Cumberland County Bar Association has partnered with Gloucester County Legal Education Association (GLEA) to offer the Cumberland County Bar Association Members at a discounted rate for CLE courses they host. Gloucester County Legal Education Association holds all day seminars throughout the year in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties. These seminars are close to home at a great price. We encourage all our members to attend these all day sessions so that you can complete your mandatory CLE credits. Not only can GLEA help you complete your mandatory New Jersey Credits, but they can also help you with credits in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

You can check the CCBA webpage for all current CLE seminars. Should you have any questions regarding a seminar, please contact the Gloucester County Bar Association at (856) 848-4071.